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Weight loss is one of the most elusive dreams we strive for. Eighty million Americans begin a diet each year. Fifty two million Americans fall within the obese category for weight. Volumes upon volumes have been written about weight loss and the health risks of being overweight have been well publicized. So why can't we lose weight?

There are three major influences on an individual's body weight. Historically, our bodies needed to concentrate on weight gain for survival. When food is abundant our instinct is to store fat for the possible famine in the future. When food becomes scarce, as it does during a low calorie diet, our bodies slow down all functions to conserve body fat. Thus, slowing weight loss as much as possible. Fats and sweets taste good to us because they will supply us with the calories we need to survive. The body is designed to gain weight.

As food is the source of life, society has used it for celebration, hospitality, forming alliances, comfort in hard times and as a gauge of prosperity. Until quite recently in our history, being plump was a sign of success and affluence, not thinness. Generation after generation focused on eating more. Weight loss requires us to go against our heritage.

Society also influences weight by the constant bombardment of advertising for the food industry. If they can inspire you to buy more, you will spend more and eat more. Convenience foods tend to be high calorie because they are rather low quality in taste without the added fat, sugar and salt. Restaurants can charge more for larger portions. The more courses they can persuade you to order, the more money they can make. We eat three times a day and what is available around us is often much higher in calories than foods that were naturally available to us. Surrounded by high calorie foods makes it terribly difficult to achieve permanent weight loss.

The third major influence in our lives, which prevents successful weight loss, is the drastic changes in our lifestyle over the past forty years. With the growing popularity of television, video entertainment and the widespread use of computers, our lifestyles have become extremely sedentary. The hours we spend sitting still, as opposed to "in motion" reduce our need for food tremendously.

With more high calorie foods available; family, friends and businesses pushing us to eat more; and becoming much less active in our daily lives, how in the world can we expect easy weight loss? At this point most of us start looking for the "magic" pill. We don't have to look far. There are plenty of people out there selling magic weight loss. The question is: "If any one of these formulas really worked, why hasn't it made the news as a scientific breakthrough?" Why hasn't the ADA and the FDA sent out informational pamphlets on the new weight loss product? Why are we still overweight?

The answer is, that there simply is no weight loss pill that will keep the weight off safely and permanently. A little pill cannot fight successfully, the combined influences of our bodies, society and our lifestyles. Only the human mind is strong enough to fight these three and win. Wake up your mind and become consciously aware of what you eat, what you do and why. Mentally take control of your life to reach your weight loss goals.  Top

Weight Loss Mentality

The first step in winning a mind game is to study the rules and figure out a winning strategy. There are mountains of rules, on bookstore shelves, about weight loss. Eat this, don't eat that, combine this with that, carbohydrates versus proteins, on and on. No wonder we can't lose weight. We are too confused by all the information out there on how to play the game. We can't even get started. The rules of weight loss are unbelievably simple.

In fact, there is really only 1 rule: For successful weight loss you must consistently expend, or use up in activity, more calories than you take into your body as food and drink.

You add calories and fat to your body by eating and drinking. Calories are a measure of energy and body fat is stored energy. To get rid of calories and fat you need to expend energy by increasing activity. Energy left over at the end of the day is stored as either fat or glycogen, which is a carbohydrate stored by our bodies for quick energy.

The real challenge in weight loss is not learning the rules, it is learning how not to break the rules. The most important game facts you must keep in mind are what things around you will help you increase weight loss and what will increase weight gain. Smaller portions help weight loss. Fresh fruits and vegetables promote weight loss. Cultivating an active lifestyle will speedup and maintain weight loss.

A hundred times a day you will make a choice that leads towards either weight loss or weight gain. It is the purpose of Dieter's Digest to provide you with weight loss choices that will help you win the weight loss game. Half the battle is remembering that you desire weight loss more than that candy bar, before you eat it. Our ideas about food must be questioned if we are to turn around, on the path we are traveling, to weight gain and begin the journey towards weight loss. Top

Mysterious Metabolism

Weight Control is a balancing act performed every day by your body. Your body takes the nutrients you give it-proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins, minerals-and decides where they all go. We call this metabolism.

Everyone's metabolism is different because, it is determined by every aspect of who we are and what the current state of our body is. Metabolism is affected by:

Age Growth
Height Digestion
Weight Climate
Personality Fitness level
Health or sickness Caloric intake
Muscle mass Hours asleep
Dehydration Walking fast or slow
Pregnancy Activity level

You can work with your metabolism towards weight loss or struggle against it the entire time you are trying to lose. Weight loss is much easier if you and you body work together. First, begin the habit of waking up your metabolism in the morning with a nutritious breakfast. With a metabolism driving at full speed all day, you will be able to eat more and still have the weight loss you desire.

For all day maximum drive, fuel your metabolism with four small meals and fruit snacks in between. Skipping meals drops metabolism and raises hunger levels, which is likely to drive you to over eat. Not eating regular meals can also cause nasty mood swings and cravings for comfort foods. It is more difficult to concentrate on any task when you are uncomfortable or unhappy. Weight loss is all about paying attention. Give your body what it needs first and it will quietly allow you to cut back on its calories and allow weight loss.

Once you and your body develop the understanding that you will nourish it properly; and you can cut back on calories while keeping metabolism high through activity, then you should begin to look outside yourself for more ways to increase weight loss.  Top

Diet Plans

Diet is a four-letter word. It conjures up feelings of deprivation, hunger pangs and images of bland foods we would rather not eat. When we do eat what we love, we feel guilty and depressed. No one wants to be on a weight loss diet.

The truth of it is though, we are already are on a diet. A diet is simply the patterns of food and drink we choose on a regular basis. Most of us have a dozen suppers we prepare regularly, a few breakfasts and lunches we stick to. We drink the same things each day, each weekend. We are creatures of habit. Unfortunately we have chosen a slow but steady weight gain diet.

No matter what weight loss diet we choose, we are destined to gain the weight back if we do not change our weight gaining habits. The pathway you choose towards weight loss, should prepare you for weight control after you reach your goals. The problem with the great majority of diet plans advertised is that they are so restrictive that you cannot adapt them to a maintenance lifestyle. Weight loss is hard work and you will be wasting that hard work if you don't make some permanent changes that will control, rather than gain, weight.

Breaking a habit is never easy. It takes patience, determination and commitment. Conscious effort is the only thing that will keep you from reverting to old habits. Practicing weight loss eating patterns and actions will change your lifestyle. These weight conscious actions will then become your new habits. You will be in control.

Examine your present diet and make a few changes to reduce your daily calories. Begin by reducing some of the high calorie drinks you have each day. To figure out how many calories you take in each year in liquids visit the Beverage Calculator at www.MyFoodBuddy.com You will be amazed at how much weight loss you can attain, simply reducing the beverage calories in your present diet. Be sure to replace the liquids with water and no-calorie, flavored seltzers to prevent dehydration. Your body will fight weight loss if you are not getting enough liquids.

Another weight loss habit you might find easy to follow is to simply reduce the portion sizes of the foods you already eat. Whenever you leave the table stuffed, you have eaten too much for effective weight loss. We often eat what is put on our plate, rather than eating what we need. This must change for permanent weight control.   Top

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